Measuring Guide

Size matters…

Before ordering, we recommend you measure your dog to get the best fitting Dogrobe. If measuring up isn’t an option, you could opt for the breed example shown. And if the Dogrobe is a surprise gift and you’re unsure of the size, just get in touch with us. All the contact information is at the bottom of this page. We’re always happy to help.

How does your dog measure up?

Finding the right size of Dogrobe couldn’t be easier. Follow the step-by-step instructions below or watch the video opposite to see how it’s done:

  •  Grab a tape measure and measure around the girth of your dog (the deepest part of his chest) to find out how many inches or centimetres he is.

Dogrobes Measuring Guide

  • Check out our table below to find out which size category your dog’s girth measurement falls into. Should you find your dog is between sizes, opt for the size up.
  • The girth measurement is in fact equal to the length of the Dogrobe – from the collar to a few inches over the hindquarters. Please check that the length of the Dogrobe in your chosen size will be long enough to cover the hindquarters. If not, please opt for the size up.
  • Click on the size link to go straight to the product page in our shop.
MINI 16 inches/41cm Yorkshire Terrier
TOY 20 inches/51cm Jack Russell
XS 24 inches/61cm Cocker Spaniel
S 26 inches/66cm Springer Spaniel
M 30 inches/76cm Border Collie
L 32 inches/81cm Labrador
XL 36 inches/91cm German Shepherd
XXL 40 inches/101cm Great Dane
XXXL 44 inches/112cm Newfoundland

Truly unique with made to measure

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and for crossbreeds, teacup breeds or other special requirements, Dogrobes can be made to measure. We’ve made Dogrobes for Pugs, Miniature Dachshunds and Bulldogs to name a few. Simply contact us using the contact information at the bottom of the page and we’ll be able to help. Prices start from just £25.95.