Why do you not use Velcro?

There are several reasons:

Velcro gets clogged with dog hair. Over time, clogged Velcro becomes less sticky and the fastening is less secure.

During laundering Velcro catches and snags fabrics.

Some dogs get spooked by the noise of Velcro.

Mainly we prefer ties because they ensure a perfect fit time after time.


  How often do I need to wash my Dogrobe?

It depends on how muddy your dog gets!

Generally, our customers tell us they wash their Dogrobes once a week to keep them fresh.

In between times, dry them thoroughly before re-use.

Don't use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets as they can reduce the absorption of the towelling. 


  Which size should I buy for a puppy?

That's a difficult one!

We wouldn't recommend buying a Dogrobe for your puppy until it is fully grown.

However if you'd like to get your pup used to wearing a Dogrobe and you just can't stand the wet, muddy shake off, get in touch and we can advise you.

If the Dogrobe is a gift, for a new puppy, how about a Gift Voucher if you're unsure of the size.

Pups like to chew so never leave a puppy unattended wearing a Dogrobe.

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  How do I care for my Dogrobe, Snood, Bag? 

Dry thoroughly in between each use and wash when needed.

Usually washing once a week is about right, but it depends on how muddy your dog gets!

Don't use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets as they can reduce the absorption of the towelling. 

For individual products, refer to the care label sewn onto the reverse.

Do not iron Drawstring Bags as the inner lining is PU coated nylon.


  How do Dogrobes work?

Dogrobes work as the longer loops on the inside of the towelling absorb the moisture from your dog's coat. 

Because the dog is wearing the coat, (as opposed to you towel drying him for a few minutes), the Dogrobe traps the dog's body heat and this helps to dry the dog.


Check out our video which tells you all you need to know about Dogrobes.

  Is it just a towel?

No, it isn't.

The fabric we use is exclusive to us and is a lot more expensive than traditional terry towelling!

The towelling fabric loops are much longer on the inside than the outside and this ensures greater absorbency where you need it - against the dog's coat.


  Why do you recommend tying to the right or left of the spine in a single loop? 

We wouldn't want to have the ties pressing directly onto the dog's spine.

A double loop is quite bulky and a loose tie means that there's a risk of the ties coming loose. 


  What if my dog is between sizes?

Generally, if your dog is between sizes go for the size up. 

It's a good idea to check the length of your dog's collar to base of tail measurement too.
This measurement should be a few inches shorter than the girth measurement.

If it's greater than the girth and your dog doesn't have short legs, opt for the size up.

Get in touch, if you're unsure. 

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  Where are your products made?

We are very proud of the fact that all Dogrobes' products are not only designed but also MADE in Britain. 

It is very important to us to support British manufacturing and it means that we have more control over quality and the supply chain. 


  Why don't Dogrobes have legs?

Dogrobes are all about easy - easy to put on and easy to take off.

This wouldn't be the case if we introduced legs.

We also sell lots of Dogrobes to dogs who attend canine hydrotherapy centres for problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia. 
The mobility in their joints may already be restricted and it might be difficult to manoeuvre their limbs into leg holes.


  Why do you not offer free postage permanently?  

Everyone loves free P & P and we do offer it occasionally as part of a promotion.

We looked at offering it permanently but the costs would have to be absorbed in the cost of each product.

In the end, we decided to be transparent and let you know exactly what you’re paying for postage.


   What's the difference between your fabric and microfibre?  

Dogrobes' exclusive towelling fabric is 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
The polyester is used in the knitted base of the fabric.

The loops are entirely super-absorbent cotton.

Microfibre is essentially 100% polyester and is extruded very finely to be labelled microfibre. 

The biggest issue with microfibre is that where cotton pulls the water off the body, microfibre typically repels water.

You have to push the water into the capillaries, meaning you would have to rub the dog down to get the water molecules to go into the microfibre capillaries. 

There is no need to rub the dog down with a Dogrobe.

Our fabric draws the moisture away from the dog's coat by simply being in contact with it.

Cotton absorbs 30 times its weight in water and polyesters absorb 10 times its weight.


  Do you make Dogrobes for any other animals?  

We're delighted to say that there are cats, rabbits and other animals, who all have Dogrobes!

If you'd like a Dogrobe for your pet, in the first instance, check to see whether they'd fit into a standard size.

If a standard size won't do, Made To Measure is the answer. 

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  Why does personalisation take longer?  

We send every product to be personalised to a professional embroidery company. 

The loops of the towelling must be dealt with properly during the embroidery process, otherwise the loops start to show through. 

Here's a short video showing the embroidery process from start to finish: