Which breeds usually need made to measure Dogrobes?

Pugs and Bulldogs - as their length is short but their girth is deep 

Dachshunds - as their length is long but their girth is shallow

Teacup Chihuahuas - as they are too petite for our Mini size

Westies with a larger head - as they need extra room at the neck

Some Crossbreeds

  How do I order a Made To Measure?

1. Measure your dog and tell us your dog's measurements:

collar to base of tail
over head

Infographic Showing Where To Measure Your Dog

Watch our video guide on how to measure for a Made To Measure Dogrobe:

Made To Measure items cannot be returned or exchanged, unless faulty.

Please measure carefully as instructed, as you won’t be able to return the item if you get it wrong.

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2. We'll get back to you with a price

We don't want you to feel penalised just because your dog doesn't fit into our standard sizes, so we calculate our prices based on the fabric used compared to our standard sizes.

Prices start from just £25.95.


3. Tell us your delivery details

We'll send you an invoice with a link to pay online OR we can take payment over the phone.


  How long before I receive the Made To Measure Dogrobe?

Made To Measure dog drying coats usually take around 10-15 working days from the payment date to delivery.