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So much better with ties than Velcro!

We've ditched our old style robes as they wouldn't stay closed with their Velcro closures. These are so much better...

Lyndsey Uglow 


No more smelly Welly!

After reading all the great reviews I had high expectations.....
well let me just say 'Don't know how we have managed without one'.
Living Up North, we get our fair share of rain and lately very heavy downpours.
I just slip Welly's robe on and Voila! All dry in no time without the doggie smell all round the house.
Welly loves it too and waits for me to pop his little wet head though to dry off.

Just Pawsome!

Jack Russell Wearing Green Dogrobe

Alison Walton and Welly


Great Customer Service

Brilliant! Cooper loves his dogrobe, it dries him off so quickly and keeps him warm….
the measurement guide was really helpful!

Great customer service and quick delivery to Germany!

Cooper Wearing Navy Dogrobe



Works Wonders

Just purchased a toy sized dogrobe from your online site for Poppy, our 2 year old Bichon/Shih tzu mix, works wonders.
1/2 hour and her fur was as dry and as fluffy as ever.

Thank you so much, drying her before was a nightmare!

Bichon Shih Tzu Wearing Pink Dogrobe

Steve and Gail Leworthy


Best Buy Ever

Bought our dog robe over a year ago for my Cavapoo Louis.
Best buy ever!

Dries him off quickly with no doggy smell and he loves wearing it!

Lynn Jarvie


Brilliant Product

A brilliant product for dogs after muddy, rainy walks.
My dog actually really likes wearing his - he comes up to me asking for it when he's wet.

I also used his robe when the temperature hit 30C this summer - dunked it in cold water, wrung it out and put it on him to keep him cool.

Jane Common


Simpy The Best

Essential for quickly drying the dogs and keeping them warm...
a lovely product of fabulous quality and design.
The service and advice for customers is second to none.

Do yourself a favour and get one - or maybe two!

Three Miniature Schnauzers Wearing Red Pink and Grey Dogrobes

Jan Tomalin  


No dog owner should be without

Although Alfie is short haired it always takes forever to dry him.
Wrapping him in a towel doesn't really work in drying him effectively as it doesn't stay put.
This is the best product I've bought for Alf in the 4 years he's been in my life.

Not a fan of jackets or jumpers he loves his dog robe! 

French Bulldog Wearing Red Dogrobe

Kirsty D


A Must Have For Any Dog

I love this product! I have always struggled to dry my mutt properly after a walk.
I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and trying to dry a soaking wet spaniel coat can become a bit of a painful task!
All I now have to do is dry his ears and feet, and then fling on the robe!

Louie loves it and I know he will be dry and warm in no time. 

King Charles Spaniel Wearing Red Dogrobe

Emma Angus


Love This Product! Purchased 2 more!

Great for muddy days out, after the dreaded bath.

Charley also wears it during thunderstorms to keep her feeling safe and calm.

Charley the Cavapoo Wearing Purple Dogrobe

Lesley Balding


Best Buy I've Ever Made

Bought two of these five years ago.
My dogs love them.. and we have beach times, mud walks, splashy walks, wet walks and bath times covered.
What's really impressive is that after five years of constant washing there's no colour fade and no loss of quality.
These last better than my expensive bathroom towels.

I love mine and they're the best buy for my dogs that I've ever made.

Andie How



So glad I got this. It really does the job.
My labrador swims twice a day and this is by far the best towel ever.
Very convenient and much more absorbent than the ones I bought previously.
So good I'm about to order another.

I thinks she looks adorable in her new dogrobe.

Labrador Wearing Pink Dogrobe

S Richardson


3rd Lot Of Coats

Fabulous for long haired dogs I have two Clumber spaniels so that's 6 coats in total.
All standing up to the constant use and washing. The colours are still vibrant.
Best of all, so easy to put on and off.

We all love them.



Fab! Use In My Grooming Salon

These doggie robes are fab.
All three of mine love them...not bothered at all to wear them.
Very easy to put on as well. Saves a lot of mess round my house!!!
I highly recommend.
I'm also a doggie groomer and use them in my salon with doggies that are nervous with the dryers.

Absolutely brilliant. X

Caroline Johnson


Best Product Out There

 My two spaniels absolutely need these robes (so does my home).
The amount of dirt and water that these robes save from my home is unbelievable.
The robes are a fantastic drying item and my dogs can be dry in approx. 30 mins.
I have also used the robes on hot summer days (soaked the robes) to help keep the dogs cool and they have worked really well.
Also an ideal product when used as a comfort jacket for when we leave the dogs at home and there is fireworks planned.

Overall a fabulous product and one I will always recommend.



Simplest and best

Pepper loves her new robe.
She comes and sits to have it put on when she gets in from her swim in the river.
Many thanks - great product.
Best back end and tummy coverage on the market (- most stop well above the tail).
The ties are much better than Velcro and the freedom of movement is good.
I can get it off in a trice with one hand and it lives on the radiator!

Bought one for my second home.

Springer Spaniel Wearing Green Dogrobe

Jo Beaumont


Best drying coat/robe!

My dogs have been using the robes for nearly 2 years now.
I was looking for a robe to sell to my clients in canine hydrotherapy and was looking for a good quick-drying coat.
I had a look around Crufts and all of them were microfibre drying towels.
As you can imagine being in chlorine water all day dries your hands out and microfibre sticks to dry skin - not a very nice sensation.
I found these robes and...after 1 single use I bought another one for my other dog and 10 to sell at the hydrotherapy unit.
Most of our staff now have dogrobes and we sell them too, with clients giving us wonderful feedback.

Labrador Wearing Red Dogrobe

Carola Leman


Life Saver!

I honestly can't say enough good things about your drying coats.
They really are amazing and a life saver for two golf course dogs that are constantly swimming or getting dirty and needing rinsed on a daily basis.
Not only do they work great drying them, but they really cut down on that "wet dog" smell so you don't have to worry about your car stinking for days.
They are also wonderful to clean. You just throw them in the wash and dryer and they are done.
No velcro, so you don't have to worry about all the hair getting in there.

We highly recommend them to anyone who has a wet dog. 

Pups On Par Labrador and Rescue Wearing Tartan Dogrobes

Sarah Stanek  


Excellent Product

I bought four of these as I have four rescue dogs all different sizes.
I just got a new car and had visions of it being a mud bath with the winter coming on.
They have been a godsend and believe me they have been put to the test.

Am now going to order another set so that I always have them when the others are in the wash. 

Fiona Brackenridge


Best Thing I've Ever Bought

Great for drying the dog after walks in the rain.
My boxer has a skin allergy and after losing all her hair, she was always freezing cold.
Great as a house coat to keep her warm.
She loves it, barks at me then brings it to me in her mouth to get it on.

Would defo recommend to anyone - the best thing I've ever bought.



Just Brilliant

Exactly what I was looking for.
Will definitely order more.

So much easier than ordinary towels particularly with two dogs, and made in Britain!

Tricia Middleton


Snuggle down to sleep

Only trying them on and they snuggle down to go to sleep!

How have my spaniels got to 7 and 11 before we found these?

Spaniels Wearing Navy and Grey Dogrobes

Jo Davies  



Arrived super quick, very happy dogs and does exactly what is promised!
Clean, dry and very happy dogs.

Wish I'd bought them eons ago!!!!!

Sheila Duguid


Best idea ever!

I have slowly built up a collection of robes in different sizes.
I am a dog walker and I put robes on the dogs when they are wet after their walk.
By the time I get them home they are all dry.
Makes the dogs travelling time more comfortable and makes life easier for me.

All my dogs love getting their robes on to travel home.

Pauline Mitchell 


Never leave home without it

As a dog walker and animal sitter by profession these are great for stopping those muddy, wet dogs getting the car even wetter and muddier.
Used for drying when it's wet and cooling when it's hot by dampening the robe with cold water.

My own dogs are quite happy wearing them, much better than a rough towel wipe any day!



Wish I'd had these years ago

Hugo & Dora never go for a walk without their Dogrobes!
Wish I'd had these years ago.

Great product that works!

Alison Thomas


100% delighted

Our dogs actually queue up to get their coats on after a wet walk.
Whether it's rain or from being in the sea the coats dry them quickly, keep them cosy and warm.
The dogs just love them.

100% delighted and no more mega towel drying!



10 out of 10

I'm a Roving Reporter for Rescue and Animal CARE Magazine.
I have a beautiful Purple Dogrobe too and I use it regularly.
It is great after a muddy walk or to wrap myself up in after a shower!

Fab product 10 out of 10!

Collie Wearing Tartan Dogrobe



I honestly do not know what I would do without Dogrobes

I now have two dogrobes for my dog Murphy and we use them twice a day, throughout the year.
Not only do we use the robe to dry Murphy, it absorbs all the dirt and keeps the house clean.
The only issue I have with the dogrobe is trying to get it off - he loves to go to sleep in it and no amount of treats will bribe him!

I cannot recommend Dogrobes highly enough and thank you SO MUCH for inventing this wonderful product!

Chocolate Labrador Wearing Red Dogrobe

Debbie Ferguson


Fabulous product and best purchase! Worth the money.

Exceeded our expectations and make drying Skye and Oscar much easier.
Probably the best purchase we have made!
It's a fabulous item, and I wish we had found out about them sooner
It is easy to put on, fits well and does the job - very well.

I have recommended Dogrobes to friends and strangers!

Golden Retrievers Wearing Red and Navy Dogrobes

Kelly Thomson


Marvellous idea!!

I purchased these for my 3 black labradors much to family amusement...
how wrong they were to laugh!
When we get home after a wet walk on go the robes.
They offer protection from dogs shaking everywhere & encourages them to settle down to sleep.

Well worth the money & a great idea.

Sue Taylor


Excellent product!

This is a brilliant item.
I bought the large robe in red for my 4 yr old flatcoated retriever.
It fits perfectly, is so easy to put on her, and it dries her coat off lovely.
Wish I'd bought one year's ago!
It's very light and she's not bothered with it on at all.
The best thing for me is that there is no horrible velcro fastening!
That was the selling point for me, and I'm so glad with my decision.

I would highly recommend this dogrobe to everyone.

Laurie Darlin


How did I survive before these?

I have two labradors that love getting wet, muddy and dirty!
This has been an absolute godsend, half an hour on and they are dry!
I've had them over two years now, and I just don't know what I did before having them!

They are robust, and hard wearing and I would wholly recommend them to all dog owners!!

Red Labradors Wearing Red and Green Dogrobes

Jennifer Culross


You will never regret buying one!

I bought my dog robe at Crufts.
Am so very pleased I did am thrilled to bits with it.
So much easier than doing battle with huge wet towels!
They work superbly would totally recommend them to you all.

You will never regret buying one!

Rachel Thompson


Love these

We have bought 4 of these dogrobes and they are fantastic.
Great after a day's beating or for going to the river or even after a wet walk.

Always recommend to others and will use again in the future.



A Dogrobe is essential for a dog that loves swimming

The Dogrobe is perfect for my springer/lab cross who loves every bit of water.
Before getting the robe he was a nightmare when wet, running through the house, wetting walls.

Now when he has the robe on it seems to have a calming effect and it doesn't take long before he's dry again.

Gordon Setter Wearing Red Dogrobe

Karen McGilchrist


Happy Harry and Happy Owner 

Harry loves his XL dog robe.
I'm happy too because it stops Harry shaking water/mud all over the place and it keeps him warm.
It absorbs all the excess water.
It is an excellent product and the Company provide a first class service I will definitely be buying another one soon.

Highly recommended.

Harry Wearing Purple Dogrobe



A brilliant product that works

I got Harley his robe after trying other drying coats and ever since getting his dog robe I have told all my friends.
This product does exactly what it states it will do.
I keep it in the car as my dog likes to get completely filthy or roll in something unnatural and the robe comes in great use then.
I have also damped it down in the heat and put it on him to help keep him cool so his robe has multiple uses.

So glad I got one of these.



What a magnificent doggy thing!!

I love the dogrobe and Buddy likes it too.
When we have been for a walk in the evening and it has been raining, I put on Buddy"s dogrobe.
Hey presto he is bone dry when he goes to bed!!!!

Absolutely brilliant, no dog owner should be without one.



Just brilliant!

I've had this for over 2 and a half years for Eidur my dog.
He always had it on after his hydrotherapy sessions and seemed very happy having it on and walking around in it.
It looks as good now as it did when I bought it!

I bought one for a friend and always recommend these to people when they ask what he is wearing!

German Shepherd Wearing Navy Dogrobe

Adele Maundrell


Problem Solved

Such a simple and thoughtful design, didn't have to work out which bit fitted where.
Really easy to put on and to my surprise it didn't make Katie sulk, which was a bonus.
Good quality material and well made as well, will last years.

So pleased to have found the solution to Katie insisting on wiping herself along all the walls and furniture every time she comes in wet.

Lyn Williams


Finally a rug that fits

I've tried several other makes of dog rugs but now I have finally found a rug that my young cocker can't wriggle out of whilst drying.
This has to be the best fit I've found for dogs as they drape well over the quarters and the tie brings it well round the sides 'n' belly

Love the range of colours.

Spaniels Wearing Purple Dogrobes

Margaret Wilson


Great quality product!

Just had to let you know of my sheer delight in Jas' Dogrobe received today.
Pity I hadn't found you years ago but better late than never!
Congratulations on a great quality product. 

I will be recommending this to everyone.

Sandra Welsh


Outstanding Product

Wow, brilliant and very efficient customer service.
Delighted with the Dogrobes.
Love the ties on the robes as you really can get a snug fit.

A joy to engage with Dogrobes and an outstanding product.

Gill Rollinson


Godsend after fox poo escapades

Today it was great to put on the Dogrobes after our fox poo-filled walk, before we returned home in the car.

They're a godsend.

Andrea How


Ordered 7 so far...

We have 5 dogs, we should probably stop rescuing some!
They love their robes.
I've ordered 7 so far from you and also for my Mum's two dogs and sister's two.

All very, very happy. Thank you for making them!

Carol Evans


No more tug of war

Bought the Dogrobe for my very bouncy Cairn terrier.
Giving him a shower was a bit of a job because he thinks a towel is for a tug of war and trying to catch him to dry him was a nightmare.
Using the Dogrobe was excellent, it went on before he left the shower cabinet.
Although he still fairly flew around the house it was with the Dogrobe well attached and it really did the job.

Many thanks!

Susan Fraser


No wet walls

Dogs loved the Dogrobes the second I put them on.
No wet walls, no fur flying everywhere, no hairdryer and they were happy, warm and moving very freely!
I'm very happy with the robes!

Thanks you very much for this great product!

Teresa Umbelino


Perfect travel accessories

We bought two Dogrobes for our golden retrievers, who our travelling with us in our camper van for a year.
They are fantastic.
I got lost walking the dogs in the rain for several hours and they were soaked through, put on the Dogrobes and they were lovely and dry in around half an hour and no wet floor in the camper or wet dog smell.

Thanks for a great product x.

Elaine Holton


My dogs love them

My two dogs actually tussle when they come in wet to make sure they're the first to get their Dogrobe on.

Sheepdogs Wearing Red Dogrobes

Isobel Chirray



I bought my first Dogrobe 10 years ago and I wouldn't be without it!

Ruth Pirie


Search Over

I have been searching the internet for a practical, no fancy frills and def no Velcro for my Westie and came across your site.
It fits her perfectly for her bath times.

Will def recommend to all my dog loving friends.

Penny Parker


Good idea for cooling dogs

Great product and good idea for cooling dogs - especially labs who have a dreadful habit of lolling around in the sun if not checked.

Kathleen Ann Plenacoste


Best thing EVER

Everyone that owns a dog should get one of these.

I swear it's the best thing EVER.

German Shepherd Wearing Red Dogrobe

Lettice Ferreira


Hates dog coats, loves Dogrobes

Tiffin won't wear a coat to go out walking but loves her Dogrobe.

She happily cuddles down for a snooze wearing hers.

Spaniel Wearing Red Dogrobe

Erica Meldrum


No wet dog smell

Still amazes me how quickly Jake dries with the robe on, and no wet dog smell to put up with either.

Susan Duncan